L'orto Under Snow

My grandmother's orto, or vegetable garden, was not near their western Pennsylvania farmhouse, but was rather a steep climb past the pear tree, to the top of the hill.  For little legs, it was a distance, but one worth traveling.  In June when school was out, I would "move" to the farm.  Early in the morning, my grandmother and I would climb that hill and as she surveyed the gardening needs of the day, I would kneel down and start my search for those beautiful red, red strawberries...the ones that I couldn't wait to eat!

Sugar Plums Danced

In New York City, The Plaza Hotel presides over the corner of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue.  This over 100 year-old French Renaissance hotel was designed by architect Henry James Hardenbergh.  Many families have celebrated many special occasions in this luxurious 19-story "chateau" from Easter brunch to Thanksgiving dinner, from wedding vows to tea with Eloise!

St. Nicholas Day

Locanda VerdeAndrew Carmellini's renown Tribeca restaurant was dressed for the season, knowing that St. Nicholas Day was approaching.  With coveted Saturday evening reservations, we slipped into the perfect cozy corner and prepared to celebrate a very special birthday.

Cabbage and Comfort

Alsace is the area of France that borders the Rhine River.  Don't tell the brothers, but most of my ancestors were from this beautiful Bas-Rhin region, a region that is known for its production of cabbage and of course, its choucroute or sauerkraut.

Pizza Margherita

Today is the last full day of the summer of 2011. September is the time, once again, for me to save a little taste of summer, l’estate. Our beautiful basil plants will soon grow sparse with the cooler temperatures.  Today’s picking and processing and freezing will guarantee that my soups, my sauces and even my pizzas will be blessed by a tablespoon of summer…pesto!   

La Famiglia

It’s even in our name, brothers, members of the family.  At Biscotti Brothers Bakery, we are family, we treasure family and we wish to promote the happiness of all families.  Sitting at the table is a truly delightful part of family life and a daily ritual that needs to be revered.  Our blog begins with this goal: to encourage family time at the table, time to share a meal, review the day and of course dip a few biscotti.  Please pull up a chair!

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