Whole Grain Council Certification

The Whole Grains Council helps consumers to find whole grain foods and to understand the health benefits from eating them. They also help manufacturers create delicious whole grain products. With the introduction of the whole grain stamp, the consumer is able to easily spot the healthy products on the grocery shelves. Any and all products with the Whole Grains Council stamp contain at least half a serving (8g) of whole grain ingredients. In Phase II of the stamp program, which began in 2006, the amount of whole grain in a product is stated on all Whole Grain Stamps.

With the introduction of our new 100% whole grain Biscotti Brothers’ Granotti, we have become members of the Whole Grains Council. Our tasty Granotti proudly carry the Whole Grain Council stamp and are not only delicious, they are healthy as well.

To find out more about the Whole Grains Council and the benefits of eating whole grain products please visit the Whole Grains Council website.

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